werkplaats Zuiverhuis | NRE terrein

As of 2014, the studio moved to the former “zuiverhuis” (literally: cleaning/purifying house) at the old NRE area. I am happy to share the building with fellow crafting architect Michiel van Mastrigt and furniture/cabinet makers Michel Dickhaut and Patricia van der Kruijs. The building has a great industrial feel, loads of light and above all: space. We’re still setting up an office space in a different part of the building, but the workshop is up and running.

The former NRE area, just near the centre of Eindhoven, used to be a distribution and processing plant for natural gas. After having been isolated for years, the area will now gradually become part of the city. For now we share this vibrant area with other initiatives such as Kelderman en van Noort, Atelier Dorp, Job Martens + Tom Frencken, Beeldenstorm and Fifth .

I’m looking forward to an exciting and inspiring time. Be welcome!

Mark Theijssen
Nachtegaallaan 13-15
5613 CM Eindhoven
NRE area, Building 9


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